Saving Money On Children’s Clothes

I decided to deviate a bit from my normal topics and discuss something that I know can help you, especially with school starting back soon. One expense that never goes away if you have kids is clothes. It seems like kids are always growing out of their clothes. They usually need new clothes right when you run out of money, too. If you can save money in this area, you’ll have more money to spend on your business. Here are some ways you can save money on buying clothes for your kids.

Save Money On Children’s Clothes By Buying Online

Sometimes you can find great deals on children’s clothes by purchasing them online. You can buy clothes at eBay or yardsellr often at a fraction of the cost of buying them in stores. You can also search for coupon codes for popular clothing. You can also buy kids clothes on Amazon. That’s right. Amazon is useful for more than just books and music. There are usually clothes at half off of the suggested retail price on Amazon. You can also get handmade clothes for your kids by shopping on You will also be helping a small business owner.

Save Money On Kid’s Clothes By Swapping With A Friend

Do you have friends with older kids? Do you have friends with kids younger than yours? You can set up a swapping system. When one friend’s kids outgrow their clothes then the younger kids can wear them. Of course once the kids all get to be the same size, you’ll have to think of something else. This will work as long as the kids wear different sizes and everyone takes good care of the clothes.

Save Money On Kids’ Clothes By Shopping Off Season

I know it’s tough to predict what size your kids will be. However, if you shop at the end of the season for next year, you can save a lot of money. Just buy the clothes two or three sizes bigger than what your kids currently wear. That way, next year the clothes should fit them quite nicely.

Save Money On Kids’ Clothes By Learning How To Sew

Learning how to sew is not as hard as it sounds. In fact there are tons of tutorials on YouTube showing you how to sew. You can make your kids clothes as unique as they are. You control how long the hemline of your daughter’s skirt or dress is. A lot of times you can make outfits for half of the price that you would pay the store for. See the video below for an example of a YouTube tutorial about sewing.

Saving money on children’s clothes does not have to be hard. If you are creative, you can save a lot of money on clothing your children. I have given you a few ideas. I would love to hear from you. What are some things you have done to save money on clothing your kids? Share your strategies in the comment section below.

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DeAnna Troupe is a technology coach and a freelance writer. She helps small business owners use the technology they currently own to be more productive in their business.. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family. She enjoys watching basketball and American football, crocheting, reading, writing, singing, and playing cards.


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  1. Online shopping can save you from a lot of trouble that you will face if you go to a store with your kids. Also, you can get a lot more variety when shopping online. Thanks for sharing all the tips DeAnna, definitely very useful for all parents looking to save some money on kids clothing.

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