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Series On Following Up With Prospects Part 2

I started a series about following up with prospects based on the following thread in one of the Facebook groups I belong to:

There was so much information in that thread, that I decided to make a series out of it. So here is another question and answer for you

What is your suggestion for those who express interest, and ask for a card but you have no way to follow-up. Is there a trick to getting there information? I get a lot of those.

submitted by Shawn Broussard McNairy, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=718091831

And here is the answer given by yours truly…

Shawn, I see. The best thing to do is to be interested in what they are doing first. Instead of starting off the conversation with talking about yourself, start off by asking what they do. Then you can ask for their card so that you can keep up. I also try to bring a limited amount of business cards with me to networking events. This forces me to ask for the other person’s card and makes me have to contact them.

Now if you’re looking for an easy way to keep up with all of the prospects you meet while networking, you can use Send Out Cards for this purpose. It’s really easy. You can send cards from the comfort of your own home. To see how easy it is, just go to http://www.deannatroupe.com/suggests/present.html

That’s it for this part of the series. Stay tuned for more.