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Series On Following Up With Prospects

I am part of a wonderful group of women on Facebook called Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs. One of our members, Allison Babb Phillips, asked this question:

I’m curious to hear from other biz owners…. when you hesitate or forget to follow up with a prospect, what’s typically going on that’s causes this? I just taught a ClientsOnABudget.com session today on “follow up fortunes” and thought I’d ask the question. You know… the stack of biz cards we were meaning to connect with, referral we got but never contacted the person, interested prospect we should call but haven’t etc. Why’s that?? And do share your ideas for conquering persistent “follow-up failure?”

There were so many wonderful answers, I decided to create a series of blog posts around the tips so that the discussion didn’t get buried. I also wanted to have somewhere that I could easily reference the answers in case I got stuck with the same thing.

So here is one of the tips given by the original poster,Allison Babb Phillips:

what’s worked beautifully for me is what I call a “prospect magnet.” Shhhh… you didn’t hear me call it that. 😉 It’s basically an educational marketing tool carefully structured to be powerfully “client magnetic.” Enter a room with ideal prospects using this and you’ll never have another prospect slip through your fingers. Works every time for me. In addition to getting a biz card from an interested prospect, they literally come to you to ask for what you have which then opens the door to gracefully following up. See more in this video: http://ow.ly/7KbjR Hope that helps!

That was just one of the answers given to this question. Stay tuned to this blog to see what else develops. Also be sure to join the Facebook group if you are a female entrepreneur at http://www.facebook.com/groups/AWEINFO/

3 thoughts on “Series On Following Up With Prospects

  1. Hi Deanna,

    When you fail to follow up with prospects a terrible thing happens: NOTHING!

    Why would you go to all the trouble of sourcing a prospect and starting the sales process only to give up before you had got results. Now it may not be a positive result, but no today doesn’t mean no tomorrow! We’re walking a fine line between past and persistence so don’t give up too soon.

    Kind regards


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