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Small Business Reading: Book Review-It’s Rising Time By Kim Kiyosaki

I checked the book, It’s Rising Time, out of the library the other day (yes, I still go to that place). That book was the best shot in the arm for me. While a lot of the information was review for me, since I’ve already read a lot of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, it was still very encouraging to read the stories of the women in the book that started with very little and went on to become successful entrepreneurs. I especially liked her advice of seeking out people that are doing what you want to do for advice. Pick up your copy today by clicking on the image of the book listed below (that is my affiliate link).

10 thoughts on “Small Business Reading: Book Review-It’s Rising Time By Kim Kiyosaki

  1. Thanks for sharing this book. I have read most of Roberts books but have not yet had a chance to read Kims books. I recently watched a video of her live speaaking and she is so inspirational. I think I am going to get this book on my ipad and have a nice read this weekend!

  2. Hi Deanna! I am going to my sons for a visit for a week or so and I always take my Grandson to the library, usually the first thing we do. I am going to see if they have this book. I have heard of Kim Kiyosaki before and am looking forward to getting this in my hands. I am always looking to read books about women starting with nothing who become Successful 🙂 I am hoping they have this.. If not I can let my library know about this and they will find it for me.. Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

  3. Deanna,

    The point you have brought out is essential for creating anything you truly want in life. Find the people who are already doing what you want to do and learn from them. What simple formula. Anyone who succeeds at anything has found a mentor, a role model, someone to emulate and imitate and learn from. When we attempt to do it all alone, to reinvent the wheel, it causes us to get bogged down in details and we lose the perspective that will lead to success.


    Dr. Erica

  4. Thank you DeAnna for writing this review. I had heard about it but not taken the time. I have a long list of books to get to going to add this. Sure I will get to it soon I love reading and learning!

  5. Deanna—I attended a conference a few years back keynoted by the Kiyosalis. They have an incredible story. They have worked hard for their success and genuinely seem to want to aid others in finding theirs.

  6. Hi Deanna,

    I find ti is very inspiring each time when I stop by your blog. Today, i am pleased to read your recommendation for Kim’s book. Sounds like every ladies must own one. Thanks for the insight and I would want to pick up this book once i finished the three new books I am currently reading.

    Thank you.


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