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Small Business Reading: Learn How To Make Money With Your 99 Cent Kindle Book (Book Review)

I know I wasn’t supposed to be doing any work yesterday what with it being the holiday and all. However, when my friend Kristen Eckstein posted that she had a new book out on Amazon, I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry hubby. I had to spend some money on this book, Author’s Quick Guide To Making Money With Your 99 Cent Kindle Book. I actually have one book out on Amazon at that price so this title intrigued me. I’m always looking for ways to make money with things that I’ve already finished. I must say that I picked up a TON of ideas from reading this book. Of course that is going to add to my never ending to-do list, but oh well. That’s life in the big city. Do yourself a favor. Click on the link below (yes it is an affiliate link and I will get a commission if you purchase through my link) and learn how your small business can make more money by writing and selling a kindle book on Amazon for a mere 99 cents.
Author’s Quick Guide to Making Money with Your 99-Cent Kindle Book