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Small Business Training: Why I Don’t Watch Much TV (or) Your Actions Don’t Exist In A Vacuum

Image Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net [David Castillo Dominicie]
Image Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net [David Castillo Dominicie]

Here’s today’s small business training tip. A while ago a calculated the number of hours I spent watching television and I was appalled. I cut back on watching television significantly. Now I only watch a few shows and I watch sports. I also get a lot more done because of not being held captive during certain times of the night every night because of television. However, I’m still on social media while these shows are on, so I still get to see the backlash first hand. So there’s this show that really disgusts me, “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. The show disgusts me because they are allowing women who aren’t wives to call themselves wives. That’s a rant for another post. So apparently one of the women on the show, one Kenya Moore, decided she was going to go to a charity event in Atlanta wearing butt pads and an outfit exposing her butt. One of my blogger friends, Kia Morgan Smith, wrote about this episode in her blog here: http://cincomom.com/2013/01/from-beauty-pageants-to-butt-pads-kenya-moore-mocks-phaedra-in-rhoa-butt-pad-debacle/. As a result of her blog post Kia Smith found herself being blocked by Kenya Moore on Twitter.

Now I see two takeaways here. One is that what you do doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You can’t just go acting a nut on national television and expect that no one is going to have anything to say about it. People have tools to express their disapproval of things now. We have YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and our own blogs. We are not simply relegated to sitting in our living rooms fuming over some stupidity we have just witnessed. This should force small business owners to really think about what they do before they do it. Also, don’t immediately do a knee jerk reaction when you get negative reactions from your followers. You never know, they could be trying to help you. Additionally, you have no idea how many people that person you blocked has access to.

By DeAnna Troupe

2 thoughts on “Small Business Training: Why I Don’t Watch Much TV (or) Your Actions Don’t Exist In A Vacuum

  1. DeAnna,

    Love this post. It is short but covers many important points. I was at a small business lecture and that’s one of the things they were talking about in the lecture. You need to keep customers happy because media in NOT just a one way street like it was when we were growing up. It used to be that businesses advertised to us only. We were passive recipients. Now all that’s changed. Now we can express dissaproval on Social Media and company with bad products that don’t treat their customers right, will suffer for it!

    Also, if someone is NOT a wife, then what the hell are they doin’ on that show????

    It makes NO sense!!!

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