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Sponsored Post: You! Drugstore and pharmaceutical industry’s new approach

First pharmacies had very important social function. They provided much needed medicines for sick and old thus prolonging life expectancy and keeping workers in shape. Like many other institutions, they slowly evolved under the pressure of capitalism and now, they are stores like any other. However, even though they are commercial, they still play an important role. Unfortunately, because of the constant search for higher profit, this role has been twisted in last couple of decades.

Pharmaceutical industry is recognized as one of the most advanced industries. Regardless of the country, these companies are putting a lot of effort and investing quite a sum to research new and advanced drugs. While making new medicines, they are encountering quite a few combinations that cannot be used. As it turns out, even though most of them are scraped, some of them still reach the market. Even though this should happen, it also shouldn’t surprise us. There is a lot of money in this industry as well as various interests. All we can do is hope that regulation will become better in future.
Nowadays, like in every modern industry, pharmaceutical companies are trying to create as much as product as possible and to start with new product lines. This way, they can potentially make even more profit and raise interest of people who aren’t necessarily sick. One of the best examples are supplements. Companies started producing them as a response of society’s growing desire to stay healthy. Simply put, people do not have enough time for themselves. This led to appearance of various disease, some of which even lethal. Long work hours and heavy stress do not give us respite. Instead, we need to search for quick fixes that can help us in shortest amount of time possible. As a result, pharmacies started with production of supplements. In this brief time, they have achieved great success. But, as it turns out, most of them do not perform advertised function. It still remains to be seen how this issue will be addressed in future.
Pharmacy owners changed their approach when it comes to employees. Previously, it was enough for a person to recognize different items and to give proper advice to patients. Today, giving an advice is not enough. Dynamic pharmaceutical environment requires constant, positive results. Because of this, stores prefer employing people who have some background in sales or at least, those who are charismatic and can communicate with others. According to You! Drugstore, amount of money which is spent annually for further education of pharmacists has tripled in the last decade. Good part of it went for miscellaneous, including learning new sales techniques. At the same time, many companies decided to take their business online. They are able to reach much more people through the internet than they would otherwise, through local sales. Unfortunately, this stimulated some entrepreneurs to open companies without proper documentation. This is an issue that needs to be addressed, hopefully with positive results.

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