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Today’s blogging tip: pick the schedule that works for you

I’ll admit it. I was once one of those, “Oh you must blog x many times a week to be a successful blogger.” I tried to blog daily. That didn’t work. I tried blogging three times a week. That didn’t work. So now I’ve come full circle and I am going back to blogging once per week. I would much rather be able to give you meaningful posts than to feel forced to throw something together just so I can say that I have a blog post put up. Now if you are one that can blog more than that and not lose the quality that your readers have come to expect from you, then, by all means, blog away.  Just don’t feel pressured to blog a certain number of times per week because some expert has said so. My advice: Find a schedule that works with your lifestyle and stick to it.


Checklist Of Things Needed For Success In Blogging

So you’ve taken the plunge and finally started that self hosted blog. Wonderful! You’re already ahead of most of your competition. They are still trying to decide if they should start a blog. There are some things you need to know in order for your blog to be the success you want it to be. Learn these tips now as it will save you headaches later on. The rest of this article will give you tips on how you can be successful at blogging.


Do You Really HAVE to blog everyday?

Do you have to blog everyday?

Last month I participated in a challenge to blog everyday. Now I am pondering if DAILY blogging is actually necessary. I don’t think so. I noticed that when I didn’t feel forced to write, I came up with better posts. Now I do think regular blogging is important. How often should you blog? That’s really up to you. I would say at least twice a week. Pick a schedule that you can live with and stick to. I believe daily blogging is not a requirement, however it is helpful if you are trying to increase your blog’s visibility and readership.


What I’ve learned from trying to blog everyday

I’m trying to blog everyday as part of a challenge issued by a marketer affectionately known as Dr. Mani. He challenged his subscribers to blog everyday. I’ve learned that this is a hard task. I’ve got a toddler and an erratic work schedule at my regular job. That makes it tough for me to schedule a set time to blog. Like right now, I’m so sleepy I’m about to fall asleep while typing this, but it is important to me to get back into my rhythm of publishing regularly (I slid into publishing whenever I felt like it after my daughter was born). So even though I’m sleepy, I have decided to write about something. Accountability is also important. If I hadn’t promised to Dr. Mani that I would blog everyday it would be really easy for me to just eat my dinner, play with my daughter and go to bed. So that’s my post for today. I know it’s not long. I’ll try to do better later in the week. *yawn* Good night.


Interview With Krystle Nicole Russin

This post will feature Krystle Nicole Russin, author of The Non-Diet Real Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Stay Skinny Eating Anything You Want and Learn How to Cook! I’ve asked her a few questions about herself and her book. Enjoy.



How to Learn Blogging Software

A lot of blogging software is specifically designed to be
simple to use, but even the least intimidating blogging
program can feel very overwhelming to somebody who
has not spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of
different kinds of software. Particularly for newer
bloggers, learning how to use the interface of blogging
software is the most difficult part of blogging. If you are
somebody who feels comfortable expressing themselves
in another medium, it may prove to be well worth your
time and effort to learn blogging software, but that
doesn’t mean that the task will be easy.


Blogging For Business Owners

If you run a small company, you may find that the world
of blogging for business owners is a world that you
want to be a part of. Blogging is a great way to get the
word out to consumers about your product or service,
and it can even be useful for inspiring employee loyalty
and helping you keep your workers at peak morale. If
you are looking for a way to take your business to the
next level, consider what starting a blog might be able
to do for you.


How to Create a Podcast

This video will show you how to create a podcast and distribute it.

We will use Audacity (audacity.sourcforge.net) to edit the podcast. You will need a computer, speakers, audio editing software, a website or hosting service that you can upload your podcast to and an RSS feed.

You will start by downloading a FREE program called Audacity … watch the video to learn more.


Today's Blogging Video – Can DoFollow Tags Affect My Blog's Reputation

I personally like DoFollow tags. I use DoFollow tags on my blogs because I feel like if someone wants to leave a useful comment they should get some page rank from leaving that comment. But alas I am not Google. The following video gives some insight into how Google views DoFollow Tags…

Now with that being said, does that change my personal opinion on DoFollow Tags? No not at all. I’m trying to build a community on my blog and comments are part of that. So I’m keeping my DoFollow tags in spite of the so called risks they may pose to my blog.


Why having an editorial calendar is helpful in blogging.

I have an editorial calendar for this blog. Basically my editorial calendar helps keep me focused. If I didn’t have my editorial calendar, my blog would seem quite disjointed because I’d be writing about just whatever came into my head. I don’t think that’s very useful. Another great reason to have an editorial calendar is because it helps prevent writer’s block. It’s easier to come up with a topic to write about when the topics are already predefined. If you’re not already using an editorial calendar, I challenge you to take some time, sit down and create a schedule that fits your lifestyle.