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Review of Toshiba Satellite Laptop L305-S5955

I got a new laptop for Christmas! I took a few weeks to use it before I posted a review. Here are my thoughts:
I absolutely love this machine. I don’t like that it came with Vista, but I can overlook that fact. It loads fast and it has lots of memory. I also like the fact that it is light enough for me to carry around without much effort. I don’t like the mouse. I recommend buying a mouse when you purchase this computer. I also think you should get a usb hub as there are only three spots for usb devices. You can purchase your own laptop by clicking on the amazon icon which will go to my affiliate link, so I’ll get a commission when you purchase through this link.


Why I decided not to run any specials during Black Friday or Cyber Monday

I know a lot of people were running special offers during Thanksgiving weekend and on Cyber Monday. I personally decided not to run any specials during that time because I felt like it would be unfair to my clients that paid my full rate during the other times of the year. Plus I’m not totally convinced that Black Friday shoppers become regular price shoppers during the rest of the year. So that’s why I didn’t run any Thanksgiving specials. Will I run any specials during Christmas? Maybe, but they will be for current clients only as I think that’s only fair.


Now You Can Earn Money Anytime Someone Sends A Greeting Card

Did you know that billions of greeting cards get sent each year? That’s right. According to Hallmark, Americans sent approximately 1.5 billion Christmas cards. During Mother’s Day 139 million cards were sent. That’s a lot of cards, folks. How would you like to earn some money related to that industry? Now you can. Just go to http://www.deannatroupe.com/suggests/present.html (aff).

Posted by: DeAnna Troupe, Independent Representative of Send Out Cards


Christmas Gift Idea-Instant Gift Cards

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The, oh dear, what do I get my boss for Christmas awkwardness. Here’s an idea, get an instant gift card. They are emailable so you don’t even have to worry about losing them on the way to work. To buy your gift card click on my affiliate link (I get a commission when you do this) by clicking the image that appears in this post.