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How To Change The Settings On Your Facebook Newsfeed (desktop)

For some reason, the smart folks at Facebook seem to think that we want our newsfeed to be on Top Stories instead of most recent.  They are sneaky and will change your settings to Top Stories even if you have it set to most recent. They do this several times a day. So here is how you change your settings to Most recent if you find out they have changed your settings AGAIN. These instructions are for the desktop site. I haven’t figured out how to do it on the mobile app yet. I’ll make another post once I figure that one out.


Tuesday Tutorial: Setting The Privacy On Individual Facebook Posts

Did you know that you could change the privacy on your Facebook posts? Why would you want to do this you ask? Let’s say that you have your default setting to private. Let’s say you have posted something that you want people to share. Well they can’t share it if the setting is set to private. So you will want to change the setting on that post, but not on the posts you don’t want the public to see. In this blog post, I plan to show you how you can do that.