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Yippee! I’m in one of those blog lists this year!

Okay so they say you know you’ve arrived when other bloggers start saying nice things about you. Well during January my good friend Mitch Mitchell started a series he calls Black Web Friday where he highlights Blacks that are active on the web. Well guess who got featured last week? Yup, yours truly! You can read about it here-Black Web Friday 03/02/2012. Do you want your blog to be included in a Black Web Friday post? Well here’s the intro to the series – http://www.imjustsharing.com/black-web-friday-12012/. You’d have to ask Mitch about what the requirements are to be listed. I’m not really sure if he has any hard and fast rules. Of course I’m sure interacting with him could help…Anywho I just wanted to brag a little bit! Back to your regularly scheduled programming with the next post.


Where should I advertise my business?

Where Should I Advertise My Business
So last week I posted about advertising your business. If you read the comments, you’ll see where a reader asked me where to advertise. I promised a follow up post so here it goes.

You need to be clear about who you are trying to reach with your ad. What you do to advertise will vary depending on what kind of business you’re in. If you get more results from placing offline ads or doing face to face type of sales calls then do that. If you get results from online advertising, do that. If you get results from going to networking functions do that. As long as you get the word out about your business some way. It’s kind of like farming. You have to do a little bit each day with the farm in order to get a harvest.


DeAnna Troupe Interviews Mickey Mikeworth

Mickey Mikeworth
Mickey Mikeworth

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mickey Mikeworth about wealth and teaching young people about money. She also has a speaking tour coming up about the 10 Habits of Prosperity Minded People. Her interview is below:


Review of Wealthy Affiliate University

Become an affiliate marketing studnt
I must confess something. I really don’t like the $1 trial offers. I almost always forget to cancel and wind up getting charged the whole membership fee. However, when I saw this offer, I actually paid a little bit more attention to it. I was talking to someone on Facebook about affiliate marketing a few minutes before I read the email so it seemed like God was trying to tell me something. What exactly am I referring to? It’s a training program/forum about affiliate marketing called Wealthy Affiliate University. Don’t let the title scare you off. They are not suggesting that you can become a wealthy affiliate overnight. Quite the contrary. Over and over again they remind you that it takes time to build a successful affiliate business.


Why social media is my favorite form of Internet Marketing by DeAnna Troupe

Why Social Media Is My Favorite Form Of Internet Marketing

by DeAnna Troupe
I write a lot about social media. I probably beat the topic to death. I can’t help it. Social media simply rocks for me. It’s the best thing that happened to the Internet since Al Gore invented it. 🙂
All kidding aside, I will explain why I love social media so much in this blog post.


Looking for a new way to earn money online? Consider becoming a social media manager.

As you guys know, I am always on the lookout for additional sources of revenue that don’t interfere with what you are already doing.  I have good news.  I stumbled upon something called a social media manager.  Basically you manage other people’s social media campaigns.  You don’t have to have products.  You don’t have to be an affiliate.  You don’t even have to have experience.  If you want to be trained on how to do this, my friend Kate Buck has created a training program to help you jump on this new career.  To get to this training just click on the words, Social Media Manager in this post.  I forgot to mention that I actually know Kate! I met her last year at Matt Bacak’s Marketing Madness Seminar in Atlanta. Here’s us at the conference:


Did you know that Google keeps a record of your website?

So by now you know I am just a little bit obessessed with this blog’s search engine positioning. I know it’s a bad thing. I check everyday to see where it is on Google for my keywords. It’s bad. I should probably find a SEO addiction group or something. During the recent battle I had with my blog, I discovered something. Google keeps my blog posts in their cache! That made me a very happy girl. What that means is I can just copy my previous blog posts into my current blog! So what I’m going to do over the next few days is to repost the old blog posts in here with the notation of “This was originally posted on ___date” so I don’t confuse anyone. I just wanted to share that with you. I thought that was pretty neat.