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Nice Things

Yippee! I’m in one of those blog lists this year!

Okay so they say you know you’ve arrived when other bloggers start saying nice things about you. Well during January my good friend Mitch Mitchell started a series he calls Black Web Friday where he highlights Blacks that are active on the web. Well guess who got featured last week? Yup, yours truly! You can read about it here-Black Web Friday 03/02/2012. Do you want your blog to be included in a Black Web Friday post? Well here’s the intro to the series – http://www.imjustsharing.com/black-web-friday-12012/. You’d have to ask Mitch about what the requirements are to be listed. I’m not really sure if he has any hard and fast rules. Of course I’m sure interacting with him could help…Anywho I just wanted to brag a little bit! Back to your regularly scheduled programming with the next post.