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*sigh* Google’s At It Again…New Panda Update Rolls Out

Google Panda 4.0 Update
Thanks to my good friend Kim Castleberry, I found out about something that Google is up to.
Get ready to hear a lot of whining on the Forums and on Social Media. The Big G has released another Panda update. This one is being dubbed, “Google Panda 4.0” It looks like this update is part of Google’s efforts to make sure that only unique websites appear on the first page for the search terms that users enter. What does this mean for webmasters? Just make sure that your content is unique. If you’re reporting on facts, find a way for your content to stand out from other websites and you’ll be fine. Don’t just copy what everyone else is doing. Create your own unique spin on whatever it is you are writing about.


Website Review-SEO FAQ

Every now and then you may have questions regarding your Search Engine Optimization efforts. That’s perfectly reasonable. After all, it seems as though search engines are changing the rules every other day. But where can you go if you have SEO Questions? You can go to a trusted source of SEO information. Go to the SEO Questions site run by SEO Clerks to get the answers to your SEO Question. Chances are someone has already asked the question you have asked. However, if they have not asked that question, you can ask it yourself. Now you have no excuse for not knowing the answer to an SEO question. Just click on the words SEO Questions in this post to get to the site.


Looking For Affordable SEO Work? Look No Further Than SEOclerks.com

Many small business owners struggle to find reliable and affordable SEO work. Some feel they have to rely on fiverr or use workers in other companies to achieve this goal. I have found a site that is good for both the service provider and the small business owner looking for SEO work. Enter SEOclerks. This site allows the service provider to charge whatever fee they see fit. Why is this good for the small business owner? You will definitely get the service provider’s best work since they can actually charge a liveable rate. Don’t take my word for it.  Click on the words affordable SEO work today and get some of that work done that you have been putting off.


Review of Wealthy Affiliate University

Become an affiliate marketing studnt
I must confess something. I really don’t like the $1 trial offers. I almost always forget to cancel and wind up getting charged the whole membership fee. However, when I saw this offer, I actually paid a little bit more attention to it. I was talking to someone on Facebook about affiliate marketing a few minutes before I read the email so it seemed like God was trying to tell me something. What exactly am I referring to? It’s a training program/forum about affiliate marketing called Wealthy Affiliate University. Don’t let the title scare you off. They are not suggesting that you can become a wealthy affiliate overnight. Quite the contrary. Over and over again they remind you that it takes time to build a successful affiliate business.


Video Marketing Tip-How To Improve Your SEO Rankings If Your Site Focuses Mainly On Images And Video

Many people are using more things than text on their site these days. In fact there are lots of sites that use mostly video on their websites. While this might be fantastic for the user, this poses a challenge for website owners trying to get more organic traffic. This video explains how to overcome those challenges…


Did you know that Google keeps a record of your website?

So by now you know I am just a little bit obessessed with this blog’s search engine positioning. I know it’s a bad thing. I check everyday to see where it is on Google for my keywords. It’s bad. I should probably find a SEO addiction group or something. During the recent battle I had with my blog, I discovered something. Google keeps my blog posts in their cache! That made me a very happy girl. What that means is I can just copy my previous blog posts into my current blog! So what I’m going to do over the next few days is to repost the old blog posts in here with the notation of “This was originally posted on ___date” so I don’t confuse anyone. I just wanted to share that with you. I thought that was pretty neat.