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Easy Pricing Strategies to Determine Your Rates For Your Writing Business

It might just be the most stressful decision you ever have to make: how to set your rates.
You’ve got the competition to consider, your own skill set, what you perceive to be your skills (yes, this is different from the former for most of us), what your market will pay, your location, and a host of other variables. Working it out can feel like a hurdle you can’t quite get past.
Of course, there are some strategies you can employ. You can just pick a random price that you like. You could also decide what you want to make per month and then figure out how much you need to charge per piece to get to that number. I have a calculator that can help with this on my site at www.writerresourcesite.com.
But what about all those other questions? Creating a solid pricing structure requires you to do a little more digging. So with your starting number in line, take a look at: