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How to Stand Out Among Other Female Entrepreneurs

As more and more women decide to start a business, it gets harder to stand out among other female entrepreneurs. However, it can be done. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Utilize Social Media

Social media can be used for so much more than keeping in touch with friends and family. Create pages for both yourself and your business on multiple social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.). Then, share content that shows off the things that you have to offer. Be sure to highlight ways that you are different than your competition. For example, if you’re the only day care service in your town that also provides transportation, be sure to bring that up in your posts.


Review of Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs Meet And Greet

Okay so last week I went to a meet and greet hosted by Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs. What a blast! The food was great! The location was convenient (close to a MARTA station). The food was fabulous. I made a ton of new connections and of course it was a blast to meet the people that I converse with daily on Facebook. If you’re a female business owner, you need to make it your business to become a part of this group. It’s so much more than just Facebook. Here’s the link to the Facebook group – http://www.facebook.com/groups/AWEINFO/. Also if you want even more, there’s a paid membership site over on ning which is located here – http://atlantawomenentrepreneurs.ning.com/.


Small Biz Building In 2012 Event

I’ve just found out about a great event for female small business owners. It’s designed to help you grow your business. There is a cost to attend if you are not already a paying member of the Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs group. The workshops include:
Revenue Planning, Time Management, and Branding. Tickets cost $10 if you are not a member of the Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs group and it is free if you are a paying member. To register for the event, go here: http://smallbiz2012.eventbrite.com/ If you want to become a member of Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs, go here: http://www.atlantawomenentrepreneurs.ning.com


Series On Following Up With Prospects

I am part of a wonderful group of women on Facebook called Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs. One of our members, Allison Babb Phillips, asked this question:

I’m curious to hear from other biz owners…. when you hesitate or forget to follow up with a prospect, what’s typically going on that’s causes this? I just taught a ClientsOnABudget.com session today on “follow up fortunes” and thought I’d ask the question. You know… the stack of biz cards we were meaning to connect with, referral we got but never contacted the person, interested prospect we should call but haven’t etc. Why’s that?? And do share your ideas for conquering persistent “follow-up failure?”


How Can I Build My Email List?

I’m a member of a lot of business related Facebook groups. That’s a good way to connect with people that are interested in what you are interested in. One of the groups I am involved in, Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs is extremely active with people asking lots of business related questions. I have to sometimes pull myself away from the group’s page or I’ll spend all day on there helping out with this or that question related to small business. One question made me want to write a blog post so I didn’t crowd the group or take over the conversation. So here’s the question that started it all (I will also link to the person that asked the question as well as the person that answered the question):