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Tuesday Tutorial: How To Set Up Your Own Facebook Group

There are many reasons to set up a Facebook group. There are things you can do with a Facebook Group that you just can’t do with a Facebook page. One of the best reasons to start a Facebook group is that you have more interaction on a group than on a page. Here’s some information to help you get your Facebook group started.

1. You must use a personal Facebook account. So login to your Facebook account to get started.

2. Go to the Groups section in your sidebar and click on the item that says, Create A Group.

3. A menu will pop up asking for the name of the group and whether or not you want your group to be Open, Closed, Or Secret. Once you decide on your privacy settings, click on create and Voila, you have a group.

You will be able to customize your cover or you can leave it so that the member’s photos show at the top of the group’s page.

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. I’d love to see your group when you create it. Just come to this post and post your link in the comments.