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Update on Don’t Pick My Brain (or Why I Don’t Do Business By Phone)

So you may remember a while back I did a review of my friend Adrienne Graham’s book, No You Can’t Pick My Brain It Costs Too Much. Well, I just wanted to give you an update on how that is going for me.

Brain Picking Requests Are At Zero

I don’t get any brain picking requests anymore since I don’t do business over the phone anymore. That has been a huge game changer for my business. I noticed that most of my brain picking episodes happened when I would talk on the phone with people. The conversation would start innocently enough with people asking about prices and things like that. Then all of a sudden the person I was talking to would start asking me stuff that I charged people for. So I decided it would be better just to take the phone out of the equation entirely. Now my phone is reserved for paying clients. I don’t do initial intake conversations via phone. I use email or Facebook messenger for that. That way I have a record of what was said. I point people seeking info to my blog and website. It works like a charm!

Stress Levels Are Down

I used to get so stressed out about dealing with people trying to get information from me for free. I felt like it was unfair to people that were paying full price to give these brain picking people the info for free. So since I stopped using the phone for business, the brain picking requests have dropped and I have less stress.

I’m Getting More Ideal Clients

Now that my schedule is free of brain picking, I am getting more ideal clients in my funnel. I am getting more people that appreciate my skills and are more than happy to pay my rates to acquire my services. Whoo hoo!

4 thoughts on “Update on Don’t Pick My Brain (or Why I Don’t Do Business By Phone)

  1. Hi Deanna,

    That’s a good point! When my husband and I were more active in the software business we would spend ages writing detailed quotations for potential clients, then they just took them off to another supplier who copied our plans and came in cheaper. Infuriating!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  2. A while ago, I posted a “Pick My Brain” offer on one of my websites. Whenever people would ask for free advice (sometimes by suggesting we meet for coffee), I would direct them to that page to make payment. This set the expectation that I was a seasoned professional and my time was valuable.

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