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Spotlight On Uscreen’s Featured Client-Total Immersion

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When video is your primary content, it is tough to know what format to use to deliver your content to your customers. You have so many choices. Uscreen makes it easy for you to distribute your videos to your customers. I had the chance to catch up with a Uscreen client, Total Immersion to chat with them about their experience with Uscreen. Read what this customer has to say.

Me: Tell me about yourself. What exactly do you do?

Total Immersion: We teach people how to swim using on demand videos.

Me: How long have you been using Uscreen?

Total Immersion: We have been using Uscreen for 2 years.

Me: What benefits have you seen since you started using Uscreen?

Total Immersion: Uscreen is very easy to use. We were able to give our customers the option to buy our videos individually or to subscribe to a monthly plan and access all of our videos at one time. We even could turn our channel into a mobile app available on the Apple store or Google Play. Using this feature made it easy for our customers to access the videos right at the pool.

Me: Were you using other sites before you started using Uscreen?

Total Immersion: Yes. We built our own in house platform and we also used YouTube.

Me: Did you find Uscreen easier to use than other platforms:

Total Immersion: Absolutely. Uscreen is very easy to use compared to other secure video on demand platforms. It is an all in one platform for video hosting, billing, and website services.


You’re probably interested in learning more about Uscreen and how their services can help your business. Just click on the word Uscreen and you will be taken to their website where you can learn more about Uscreen and how their services can help you grow your business.


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