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New York Media Center

New York Media Center
If you want to be successful in your business this year, you can’t ignore technology. Technology moves at a rapid pace these days. It’s important to have a mentor that can help you achieve your goals quicker. You need a place to go where you can have access to all the latest gadgets. You need somewhere where you can collaborate with other like minded entrepreneurs. When you are surrounded by people trying to accomplish the same thing you are, you get fresh ideas. You can see that other people are going through the same thing that you are going through. You may be wondering where you can go to find these things. This article will give you more information about where you can find the support system you need to become a successful small business person.


Use Your Network To Find Mentors


Your next mentor could be as close as your contact list. Just let the people you network know you are looking for a mentor. You never know who they know that can help you. They may even be interested in mentoring you. You just have to ask.


Use A Virtual Business Center To Stay Up To Date With Technology


Sometimes you need a helping hand to help you with your technology needs. Maybe you don’t have the infrastructure set up. Perhaps you are working out of a small space. Using a virtual business center can help you stay up to date with all of the latest technologies. Some virtual business centers even have classes designed to help you learn new skills and brush up on old skills.


Form A Mastermind With Other Entrepreneurs


A mastermind group is basically a group of experts sharing ideas with each other. This type of setup is great because you  can get help in areas you are weak in. You can also show off in what you are strong in. This will help keep you from getting stuck in one of those, “I can’t get anything right” ruts.


New Yorkers Can Find Everything Mentioned In This Article In One Place

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If you are fortunate enough to be located in the New York City area, you can find all of the things mentioned in this article at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP. The Media Center is a co-working space and incubator in the heart DUMBO, a haven for innovative creatives and businesses in Brooklyn. There are experts-in-residence and mentors to help you develop your business, as well as classes, programs, and events to connect and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Through January 31st, you get one month free for joining with the code MC2015, so sign up today!


Entrepreneurs are trail blazers. They are often used to doing everything by themselves. Remember that just because you are in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Be sure to surround yourself with people that are on the same path as you are. Look at all the successful people around you. You can guarantee they didn’t get to where they are today without a team of people around them to help them accomplish their goals.

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