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What not to do when you have a bone to pick with a customer.

I originally found out about this story via the Georgia Social Media Moms Facebook group.
What follows is the original comment which I copied and pasted from the group:

Tiffany Wood Wong
Would love to know what all of you social media gurus think about this. Locally owned restaurant in Atlanta took it upon themselves to post a picture of a customer and call her out for not tipping yesterday, in addition to some choice words about her personally. Their defense is that it is their page and their forum. There are quite a few people getting laughs out of it and encouraging it. Are my social media standards off, is it somehow socially acceptable, just because it’s social media and it’s *your* page? I never, under any circumstances, post anything negative on my biz pages. Especially in regards to our customers.

Now she originally posted this comment 19 hours ago according to Facebook. This group has 199 members. While this may not seem like a large amount, consider that most of the women in this group blog and are active in social media. So when she posted that the people that saw that got busy reposting the story. Also one of the women in the group has contacts in traditional media. She sent the story to one of her reporter friends.

Scott Straten, a highly influential blogger caught wind of this story and blogged about it here: http://www.unmarketing.com/2012/01/10/worst-use-of-social-media-of-2012-boners-bbq/

Also, a news story was done about this incident here (video will be posted as soon as I get it).

Moral of this story-Don’t make social media mad. A tip is not worth the long lasting damage you will cause. If you have a negative issue with a customer handle it in private between you and that customer. Also you can’t reverse the damage simply by erasing the post. You can bet that someone has a screenshot.

Edit: Here’s the original FB convo that they tried to delete –

Boners BBQ Fail
Boners BBQ Fail

Edit: Here’s the news story –