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Where To Start With WordPress

So I had a member of my group ask me where to start with WordPress. Thw member wanted to know who it was best for and how to get started. So here is my answer. If you can type a word document and follow simple instructions as they come up on the screen, you can use wordpress. Most of the hosting plans offer a one click installation method. All you really need is your domain name and your web hosting. The challenging part is coming up with useful things to say each week. So I know you may be wondering where to get a domain name from. I use namecheap for my domain hosting. I use stable host for my webhost. The links will be at the bottom of this post if you haven’t already purchased your hosting and domain name. Click the links, get your domain name and webhosting, and get started.


Stablehost – https://www.learnsmallbusiness.com/sthost

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