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Why A Business Blog? Guest Blog Post By Mitch Mitchell

Here is a guest blog post by my good friend, Mitch Mitchell. In this post he gives some good reasons why you should have a business blog. Take it away, Mitch!

Sometimes I wonder just how far the computer age has gone. I say that because quite often I’m answering the same question over and over; why should I have a business blog. I’m going to give you a few reasons why you should have a business blog and how you can have a business blog.

The first reason you should have a business blog is to show your expertise in your field. Your website obviously should be the first place where you tell people what it is you do and try to give them as much information as possible. But a blog consistently allows people to see what you’re made of, and if there are any new changes in your industry you can reach your audience a lot faster.

The second reason you should have a business blog is because it helps to build up the prominence of your website if you have your blog affiliated with your website. Search engines love new content on websites, and your website will rank higher if someone is looking for your services in your area if your content is always fresh. All this basically means is if you wrote something on your blog even once a week, your website will benefit because something new has been added on some kind of consistent basis.

The third reason you should have a business blog is because it gives you an opportunity to show some personality and to interact with people who come to your website or your blog. Now this one is dicey if you’re someone who doesn’t write well or doesn’t have the time to keep up with the blog, let alone to respond to people who come to your blog and leave comments. It looks bad if you have a blog and no consistent content, or if you never respond to any comments.

This one can be addressed by hiring someone to write and manage your blog, which is a service I offer through one of my businesses. This may seem sneaky, but in actuality it allows you the freedom of having someone else researching your industry and keeping your blog up to date, responding to comments in your name, still allowing you to either respond to comments or write articles from time to time, and you may even learn some things about your own industry that you haven’t had time to keep up on.

I will say this however. If you decide this is something you want to do on your own, make sure you don’t define yourself so finitely bet you run out of things to say pretty quickly. There is nothing worse than a blog associated with your website or business that hasn’t had an update in three or more months. That can actually harm you more because people will think you don’t have enough imagination to take care of your own business, so why should they hire you to try to take care of their business.

Okay it’s me again…
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