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Why The Black Panther Movie Is Important To Me

Now, I know there have been 50-11 (yes, I said 50-11) blog posts written about this topic, but I haven’t written mine yet. So here’s my two cents about why Black folk are getting so hyped about this movie….

The first time I got introduced to the Black Panther was through my husband. Back when we still had cable, he was watching the Black Panther cartoon on tv. Don’t judge. Yes we are grown and still watch cartoons. Deal with it. I asked him what it was about and he said it was about a fictional country in Africa that had never been conquered. Well that immediately got my attention and got my imagination going. I couldn’t help but wonder how the world would be if Africa really had never gotten “discovered”. But that’s a post for a different venue. Maybe Patreon…Anyways back to my blog post. So I started watching the series with my husband and was disappointed when the series was over. It was that good.

This movie is so significant because it is the first SERIOUS superhero movie featuring an all-Black cast. That’s huge. Every other time you go to a super hero movie, the hero is always a white male. If you’re lucky enough to see a black person, they are either the villain or a sidekick. So when you keep seeing this message, you are left with the idea that black people can never save the day. This movie is important (especially for kids) because they need to see positive images that look like themselves more in the media. It’s the same reason why we were so excited when Obama was elected President. It’s important for kids to be able to dream that they can be successful in an arena other than sports or music (even if it is in a fictional world). Yes I plan to see this opening weekend. Yes I’ll be in all black everything (including my headwrap)…

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