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Why you should hire someone to manage your Facebook presence

Let’s face it. Facebook can take up a ton of time. You have to accept friend requests, post useful content, and manage fan pages. When you add running a business to that, that easily can suck up a lot of time. So what do you do? Well that’s simple, you can just outsource certain Facebook tasks to an assistant. I wouldn’t recommend having an assistant in charge of your posts. You should do that yourself. You can have an assistant create your fan pages and groups. An assistant can also help you respond to friend requests. Now how do you choose who to hire? Make sure your assistant has been using Facebook for a while. I think you should look for someone who has been on Facebook for at least a year. Facebook has been known to abruptly change things around. You want someone who has weathered those changes. Also take a look at their profile. Do they even have a fan page? Are they actively interacting with people? You want someone that is already doing for themselves what you would need them to do for you. So how do you find a good assistant for your Facebook tasks? Just contact me and I’ll send you to some good people. You can use the contact form on this blog. Just go up to the navigation tab and click on the words contact me.