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You Can't Do It All When You Work For Yourself-Guest Blog Post By Mitch Mitchell

Here’s another guest blog post by Mitch Mitchell. This one is about a subject I love talking about–outsourcing.

Take it away Mitch!

I’ve been a sole proprietor for more than eight years. During my first three years, I pretty much did everything for myself. Now, when you’re not making big money, there are some things that don’t make any sense for you to spend your money on. For instance, spending a lot of money on big marketing campaigns don’t make much sense because if you work for yourself it’s actually more about getting a few clients under your belt, making some money first to establish yourself, and then maybe thinking about branching out and becoming larger through big marketing campaigns.

Having said that, there were a lot of things I was doing that was driving me crazy. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the knowledge or skill to do some of these things, I just didn’t have the time to do them. And once I was on the road, I wasn’t even around to be able to do those things.

You really can’t do it all and be productive trying to do your career. Even if you’re a small business with a few employees, it behooves you to think of pushing some things onto other people so that you can have more time to do what you need to do to generate income.

One of the first things I did was hire an accountant. This was the biggest change I made, and it turned out to be the best change I made. At that point, all I then had to do was put my bank statements together, put all my receipts together in one place, and either mail it to my accountant or drop by her office and leave my stuff there. The only real paperwork I still had to do was calculate my mileage, since there is no way she could’ve done that for me.

The next two things I did was to hire someone to cut my lawn and someone to plow my driveway. As it pertains to my lawn, it took me three hours to get it done, and that was time I could use to do other things. As it pertained to my driveway, that sometimes takes me 30 minutes, and only if it’s light snow and not heavy snow. But there are times when I am out of town, and I didn’t feel right leaving it to my wife to take care of those things. So, hiring someone to do that for me save a lot of time and effort.

There are some other things that I have thought about from time to time that I could hire someone else to do, but in my mind I need to be busier before I go those routes. About twice a year I hire someone to come give the house a good cleaning, since my office is in my home. And a couple of times I have hired a local virtual assistant to help me with some paperwork.

Sometimes you have to weigh the money it cost you to spend on services that can help you out versus the time you lose while doing something else. Trust me, your mind and body won’t mind you getting some help from time to time.

Okay it’s me again.
I trust you learned something valuable about outsourcing from reading that post. If you’d like to hear more from Mitch, be sure to check his blogs out at the following locations:

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